Engaging Young People with Artworks

Poem in response to 'Self Portrait Suspended VII', by Sam Taylor-Wood

The Youth Forum worked with artist Amani Naphtali to create poetry surrounding artworks in the Graves Gallery.

The audio file attached to this journey is a poem entitled 'My Life Suspended' written in response to the artwork 'Self Portrait Suspended VII', by Sam Taylor-Wood.

This photograph is one in a series called 'Self-Portraits Suspended' by Sam Taylor-Wood. The series tests the physical boundaries of existence. Taylor-Wood created the art by suspending herself using ropes and then digitally removing them from the photographic prints. She appears to be levitating or falling in a series of attempts to achieve a moment of ‘absolute release and freedom’.

Sam Taylor-Wood was born in London in 1967. She is a contemporary artist working mostly in video and photography and is a member of the young British Artists group. Young British Artists or YBAs (also called Brit artists and Britart) is the name given to a group of conceptual artists, painters, sculptors and installation artists based in the UK, most of whom attended Goldsmiths College in London.

Taylor-Wood's breakthrough came in 1994 with the work 'Killing Time' , which showed four people miming an opera score. From that point the main focus of Taylor-Wood's work was multi-screen videos. In 2002, Taylor-Wood was commissioned by the National Portrait Gallery to make a video portrait of David Beckham sleeping.


The poem makes reference to Taylor-Wood's fight against breast cancer.

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