Emotions in Motion: Michael Sandle's Sculpture

Expressing Emotions in Digital and Creative Media

Research and discuss topical issues that interest pupils from local and national newspapers and magazines.


Look at how the media portray different viewpoints and how this can affect society. Discuss different emotions and relationships within the articles chosen.

Ask pupils to select a media article that they have a connection with, and can relate to the relationships and emotions portrayed in the article.


From this, encourage pupils to develop their skills through creating a large scale 3D model which expresses movement and emotion made from recycled materials, clay or other modelling materials.


Digital Media

Using a digital camera, ask pupils to photograph a friend or group of friends to create a sequence of motions which express an emotional response. 


Use ICT software to create an animated sequence or short film expressing different emotions using images, text and music. Our Animation Toolkit may be useful.


Write a piece of creative writing inspired by the sculpture and/or topical issues within the media.


Consider poetry, a short story or a front page article for a newspaper. Use ICT software to present the final draft of creative writing using text and images.


Create a Class Emotion Collage


Study and collect different examples of movement and emotions.

These could be from magazines, comics, or newspapers. Look at images from different historic periods, sporting events and cultures to discuss as a class or in groups.


From the examples collected, record and draw ideas in sketchbooks then create a class emotion collage.


Link art work to discussions about emotions in Citizenship and PSHE lessons.









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