Emotions in Motion: Michael Sandle's Sculpture

Developing Research Skills

Develop research skills with the following suggestions:

  • Find out more about what Michael Sandle was thinking when he made this piece. Look at other examples of his work. Does he express anger in any other pieces? Can you find examples of other emotions expressed in his work?
  • Research and discuss the work of other sculptors who use movement in their work. Artists such as Umberto Boccioni. Is Boccioni interested in using movement to express emotion, or is he interested in capturing movement for different reasons? Compare these sculptures with that of Michael Sandle.
  • Michael Sandle's sculpture is very animated. Research and discuss the ways in which artists can express movement on a flat canvas. Pop artists such as Roy Lichtenstein use an animated style based on cartoon strips. (See Related Links below). Do you think this makes the viewer more or less involved in the work? Compare these pop artists with the work of Michael Sandle.

Other examples of Michael Sandle's works can be found in the Related Links section at the bottom of this page, as well as more examples of sculptors and artists who use movement in their work.

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