Emotions in Motion: Michael Sandle's Sculpture

Looking at 'A Mighty Blow for Freedom' in detail

Look at the different images of Michael Sandle’s sculpture and use the following discussion points to aid pupils observation of the art work.

Look at how Michael Sandle has constructed his piece.

  • How has he created the 3D effect?
  • This sculpture is made from bronze. What kind of material do you think that is? Is it hard or soft?
  • Ask and discuss with the children what shapes have made up the sculpture.
  • Discuss and act out the movement in the sculpture.
  • What is the sculpture doing?
  • How has Michael Sandle conveyed emotion in this piece?
  • What emotions are being expressed?
  • The artist thought about making the sculpture a female figure. What difference do you think this would have made to someone looking at the sculpture?

There are more examples of Michael Sandle's works in the Related Links at the bottom of the page.

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