Embroidery of the Russian Goddess Mokosh

Teachers' notes

This object was contributed by Haselmere Educational Museum to add to the World Collections Resources theme begun by the Stories of the World programme.

The discussion and activity ideas page suggests ways in which the material in this resource can be used with different subjects, as prompts for classroom or homework activities.

How this resource could be used:


We currently have a unit of work in year 10 entitled 'Pattern with Meaning’. Students research into a broad range of cultures, especially those including pattern in their textiles, body painting, carving etc.  Students then use their own symbols and motifs to design 2 or 3D work to symbolize meaning in their own lives.  This resource could be used in this unit.

Amanda Duke, Faculty Leader for Creative and Performing Arts, Steyning Grammar School

See below for specific Curriculum Links and Learning Objectives for this resource:

Curriculum Links:

KS2/3 Art & Design - Materials, Art from different cultures, Textiles

KS4/GCSE/A Level Art & Design - Textiles, Embroidery

KS2 Geography - Geographical enquiry and skills

KS3 Religious Education - Beliefs and concepts

KS3 Citizenship - Community beliefs and identities

Learning Objectives:

  • Children will learn to do independent research
  • Children will learn about one Russian craft form
  • Children will learn about objects made from natural materials
  • Children will learn about ritual towels of Eastern Russia

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