Embroider the World

Additions and embellishments

What are they?

Many objects can be used to embellish and enhance your designs. These examples show the variety of objects that can be used alongside embroidery techniques to enhance and develop the fabric.


This headdress from Asia includes buttons alongside silver-mounted semi-precious stones. These additions will add movement and even sounds to the garment.


This is thought to be a witch doctor's hat from Liberia, Africa. The small beads have been added in a geometric pattern. What do you think is the material along the top of the hat?


In many cultures the Cowrie shell is a form of currency. This cloak from Nagaland uses cowries to from a very simple decoration. You could use other types of shell.


The lavishly decorated red fabric combines gold braid, threaded glass beads, metal beads and knotted threads to give a rich appearance and variety of texture.

Download our handy PDF guide to making additions to your designs and all of the other stitches featured in this resource.

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