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What is it?

These are examples of Indian shisha mirrorwork. This technique is used a lot in Indian textiles and adds shine and movement to designs.

The combination of garish, clashing colours and the flashing mirrors makes a very strong impression. In a more subdued colour scheme the mirrors would add a highlight and could be suggestive of water or moonlight.

The technique for adding the mirrors is tricky but once mastered could be use for adding other objects, such as coins or buttons.


How do I do it?

  • Work around the mirror to form a square (a, b & c). These stitches must hold the mirror firmly in place.
  • Work around the mirror a second time to form a square at an angle to the first (d). It will appear that most of the mirror is covered, but don't worry.
  • Put the needle through the base stitches and over the thread(e).
  • As you put the needle through the fabric close to the mirror, make sure you pass through the loop and over the thread again(f).
  • Repeat all the way round the mirror keeping the stitches close together.

Download our handy PDF guide to learning mirrorwork and all of the other stitches featured in this resource. 

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