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Cross stitch

What is it?

The photograph on the right shows a shirt from Bosnia decorated with cross stitch. The embroidery forms an area around the button band (placket) down the centre front of the shirt.

Cross stitch is a simple technique that can be used to create complex patterns. Regularity of stitch size is important when producing a geometric pattern. You can easily convert your designs to a cross stitch pattern by superimposing a grid on your drawing.

Whilst cross stitch is ideal for pattern and colour it lacks any variety in texture. Experiment with different thickness of the thread and textured yarns. Try mixing stitch sizes to introduce some visual contrast.


How do I do it?

  • Working from right to left make diagonal stitches.
  • Counting the threads will ensure that your stitches are even and straight.
  • Work back across the row of diagonal stitches in the same way to form crosses.


Download our handy PDF guide  to learning cross stitch and all of the other stitches featured in this resource.

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