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Chain stitch

What is it?

This garment is originally from Albania. Known as a japangi, it would be worn for weddings and other celebrations.


The intricate and colourful design is an example of how chain stitch can be used to cover an area. The fabric beneath is barely visible, covered by a tangle of flower and leaf embroidery. The colours are clashing and vibrant, giving the whole piece a very naive appearance.


Experiment with chain stitch using different blends of colours. The stitch size in this example is even, but you could try varying your stitches, using large and small ones to create different effects.


How do I do it?

  • Pass the needle through the fabric, as if to make a running stitch, then pass the thread around the needle from right to left.
  • Pull the thread all the way through the fabric.
  • Start the next stitch from inside the first loop.
  • Make sure that all your stitches are the same length.
Download our handy PDF guide to learning chain stitch and all of the other stitches featured in this resource. 

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