Drawing the First World War

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Curriculum links:

KS2-3 Arts Award Discover and Explore – Identifying a range of art forms and actively participating in discussion of artistic work
(This resource will also help students working towards achieving Arts Award Discover and Explore, as it provides an example of an art form. It could also act as inspiration for recording an Arts Award journey.)

KS2-3 Art
KS2-3 History – First World War; Local History Study

Aim of resource:

To encourage the use of First World War archival material in Arts and Arts Award activities.

Learning objectives:

Knowledge of First World War soldiers’ artworks
Understanding of how experiences and observations can be translated into artworks
Skills to analyse sources, explore and creatively interpret historical material

Discussion ideas:

  • Why do you think the soldiers at Gledhow Hall drew cartoons about the war?
  • Why might they have chosen these particular images?
  • What do you think of the images?
  • What can artwork tell us that photographs can’t?

Activity ideas:

KS2-3 Art
  • Scrapbook:  As a group, put together your own scrapbook to show different events in WW1. You could create your own:

    - Cartoons and drawings based on real images or your imagination
    - Postcards and letters
    - Memorabilia, like tickets, posters, newspaper cuttings
  • Comic strip/cartoon:  Tell the story of a dramatic event or experience through pictures. Create either a single cartoon or comic strip in a few frames, which centres on a key moment or image. This could be a historical event or a moment from your own life. 

    Present your drawing to the rest of the group, explaining what it means to you and why you have chosen the main images.

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