Drawing the First World War

What is a convalescent hospital?

During the First World War, thousands of injured servicemen were brought back to Britain to recover from injuries sustained on the battlefield. After being brought over from France, those with the worst injuries were sent to the nearest hospitals close to the coast. 

As they began to recover, they were sent to temporary, wartime hospitals, many of which were country houses, offered to the war effort by their owners. Gledhow Hall in Leeds, belonging to Lord Airedale, became a hospital run by the British Red Cross

You can find out more about life in a First World War convalescent hospital in 'Life in the WW1 hospital', another My Learning resource, which includes audio clips of imagined scenes.


Convalesce - To recover from a major illness or injury
Country house - A large house, often with a lot of land around it
Sustained - Affected by something

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