Drawing on History

Bling from Thwing

An increase in skills and wealth in the later Bronze Age meant more people could afford jewellery and accessories.


This gold ring from Thwing in East Yorkshire is about 2700 years old. It may have been used for hair adornment or as an ear or nose-ring.


It is called a penannular ring by Archaeologists meaning an almost complete circle.


It is made from two types of gold and must have taken a great deal of skill to make. It is 1.8cm wide and dates from 1150 -750 BC. 


  • How would you use this as a piece of jewellery?

  • Design a motif to fit a penannular shape.

  • Divide a A3 sheet of paper into four. Using the images of the ring make 4 separate images using pencils, watercolour pencils, inks and collage.

Thwing is near Bridlington in East Yorkshire»

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