Documenting our Past


This learning journey accompanies the 'Documenting our Past' led session and has been designed to encourage KS2 and KS3 teachers and classes to access and engage with the wealth of national and particularly local historical information to be found in the Hull History Centre archive and local studies collections.

The session and learning journey support current curriculum developments in thematic and skills-based learning and will help students interpret documents from the past.


The learning journey was developed in conjunction with Hull Museums Education and can be used as an addition to Hull Museums Education ‘Museums in a Box’ projects.


Curriculum Links:

KS2 History ‘Here in the Past’

KS3 History ‘What’s it all about?’

KS4 Local History 'History Around Us’ 

(When used as part of a thematic study links can also be made to QCA History Medieval, Tudor, Civil War, Victorian, Snapshot 1900, WW1 and 2, and famous people among others).

KS2 Citizenship ‘In the Media’

KS3 Citizenship ‘The significance of the Media’

(When used as part of a thematic study links can also be made to QCA Citizenship studies about crime, voting, laws, rights and democratic participation among others).

Key Skills Outcomes:


Communication Skills: speaking and listening, reading and writing

Application of number: Problem solving, technical drawing, dimensions and shapes, counting, dates

Information Technology: Developing skills in enquiry, analysis, interpretation and evaluation

Working Together: Problem solving, cooperation and understanding, social skills, awareness of others needs

Improving own learning and performance: Stimulate independent enquiry, creative thought processes, reflection and evaluation


Independent enquiry: Investigating, processing and evaluating original source material

Creative thinking: Working across curriculum subjects to problem solve

Reflective learning: Quiz

Team work: Working in pairs on exercise

Self-managers: Meeting challenges posed by this source material – encourages use of initiative

Effective participation: Quiz and exercise

Other: Map Reading; Historical Research

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