Discovering Print at Bradford Industrial Museum

What is a print?

Printing has a number of forms but the principle of transfering an image from a block, a plate or type onto paper is fundamental to the process of mark making.


A print can be described as a mark, text or image which has been made using a process which enables it to be produced many times.


To make a print a printing surface must be made; this can simply be a potato with a design cut into it but other materials such as lino, wood, metal or stone are more commonly used in craft and fine arts processes. The surface is inked and impressed onto a suitable material, usually paper, although some people experiment with other materials.


Prints can be separated into two categories; fine art prints produced by artists from their own designs, often in limited editions, and prints, in the form of printed books or posters which include illustration and typography as well as digital printmaking and digital imagery.


In Bradford Museums and Galleries both types of prints are on display and feature in this learning journey.


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