Discovering Print at Bradford Industrial Museum

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This resource  begins to explore opportunities for teachers to incorporate printmaking and ideas from Bradford Industrial Museum and Home of Horses at Work into a scheme of work. 


Bradford Industrial Museum is a rich resource for observational drawing and sketchbook work, handling objects and practical contextual studies based on the work of artists and designers or on the eclectic collections held by the museum. Digital equipment and an interactive whiteboard are available to book to use in the museum's new Learning Centre. 


Curriculum links:

KS2-3 Arts Award Discover & Explore - suggested activities for a museum visit; information on printing as an art form

KS4/5 Art and Design

Unit 7A Self-image  Exploring personal identity.  

Pupils will explore ideas and collect visual and other information. They will develop skills using traditional materials and mark making processes and have the opportunity to combine traditional and digital media.  


Exploring and developing ideas.

Pupils should learn to organise and present information in different ways, including using a sketchbook.


Unit 7B  What's in a building?

Pupils will explore their ideas and feelings about buildings and their experiences of walking through spaces.


Unit 9A Life Events  Exploring and developing ideas.

Pupils will explore the visual qualities of materials and processes and how these can be manipulated and matched to ideas, purposes and audiences.


Unit 10 Visiting a museum, gallery or site.

Pupils will use recording techniques to gather visual and other information during their visit.

(The content within these pages has been informed by a partnership with two Year 7 Art and Design classes from Carlton Bolling College and Hanson School, Bradford.)

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