Digital Storytelling - Recording, Equipment and Editing in Audacity

Converting to .WAV format

Having downloaded all your audio files from the recorder, you need to save them in .WAV format.   It is possible to edit MP3 files, but these are a compressed type of file and sound quality can be compromised.  A .WAV file is preferable as it is an uncompressed, large file with good quality sound.


You should be able to convert files to .WAV from your digital voice editor on your desktop.  You can either do this by choosing .WAV in the 'save as type' drop-down menu when you transfer your files to your PC or storage device (if there is more than one .WAV option choose '44.1 kHz, 16 bit stereo'), or follow these steps once you have transferred your files:

  • In the digital voice editor window, select your audio file(s) - you can highlight more than one file if necessary
  • Go to the PC menu on the top toolbar and select 'convert file format'
  • Select '44.1 kHz, 16 bit stereo (*.wav)' in the file type box and click 'convert'

You now have two separate audio files with the same name - one is a Digital Editor file, one is a .WAV file.   

NB: Always keep the original files in their raw state, unconverted, for future use.

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