Digital Storytelling - Recording, Equipment and Editing in Audacity

Saving your audio files

Most digital audio recorders are pretty similar and will come with a software CD which you will need to install on your computer in order to download the files from your recorder.   (This is the same process as installing digital camera software onto your computer). 


If your recorder saves audio files in .WAV format directly onto an SD card reader, then life will be much easier and you can skip a couple of pages to 'Editing Your Audio in Audacity'.


The steps described below are for the Sony ICD-SX Series:

  1. Open your digital recorder editor by double-clicking the icon on your desktop
  2. Connect your digital recorder to your computer using the lead provided
  3. If a dialogue box appears asking if you want to AutoSave or extract files from the recorder - tick 'yes', and the audio files you have recorded will appear in the voice editor window.  

    (Don't worry - the original files will remain on the recorder until you delete them, just as they do with a digital camera!)

As with images taken on a digital camera, the audio files are automatically numbered in sequence so it is a good idea at this point to open each file and then rename them so you can identify each one.

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