Digital Storytelling - Recording, Equipment and Editing in Audacity

Before you start recording

When recording a digital story, you want the recording to capture the personal nature of the story and to hear a story told well in the voice of the author.


The setting is very important:

Make sure people are comfortable and feel relaxed.   In order to capture a relaxed voice it is better for people to practice reading through their story a couple of times without being recorded, than to make repeated recordings, as these can begin to sound tired. 

  • Try to eliminate sounds like buzzing lights or equipment
  • Put a sign on the door to stop interruptions
  • Find as quiet a space as possible
  • Record separately some of the background 'ambient' noise.  You can use this to help with editing, e.g. to improve the quality or to fill gaps in your recording
  • Try to complete the recording on the first 'take' if possible, but if a loud or distracting noise does occurs, just stop recording and start again from the beginning.

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