Digital Storytelling - Recording, Equipment and Editing in Audacity


Now that you have written your 2-3 minute story, it's time for storytelling! (...and recording).

There are three ways of recording a digital story:

1. Use a mini-disk or digital audio recorder and external microphone

2. Use a USB microphone and your PC/laptop's built-in recorder

3. Use a digital video recorder


For the purposes of this exercise we will describe using a digital audio recorder and external mic - the following pages take you through the process step by step and provide helpful tips to get a good recording.


But before you start, it's a good idea to familiarise yourself with how your digital audio recorder works, i.e. how to:

  • Turn off/on
  • Change batteries
  • Connect microphone
  • Record
  • Playback
  • Delete tracks
  • Connect to a computer

You can download our quick checklist on how to use digital audio recorders - focusing on the Sony ICD-SX and Edirol R-09 recorders (see Worksheets below)

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