Digital Storytelling - Combining Images/Audio in PhotoStory3

Begin a new story & add images

  1. Open Photo Story 3 and select 'begin a new story'
  2. Click 'Import pictures' and browse to find your images (you can select multiple files and import them in a batch to save time)
  3. Arrange your images in the order you want them to appear in your story by selecting them and using the left/right arrows to move them to the right position (see screen grab above)
  4. Click 'Remove black borders' to see how Photo Story 3 would crop your images to make them fit the viewing screen.  You can either accept or reject the suggested changes, or drag the crop handles to resize them yourself
  5. Save your project (click button on bottom row) remember to do this after each of the steps on this and the following pages - then click 'Next'

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