Digital Storytelling - Combining Images/Audio in PhotoStory3

Convert to web format

Before adding your story to the My Yorkshire website, you will need to have it converted to Flash video (.flv) using appropriate conversion software.


Below are some suggestions, but we would advise you to seek technical guidance for further information:

1. Video to FLV Convertor

(See Related Links below)

Priced at: 32.71 ($59.95)

2. Sorenson Squeeze 5 for Flash

(See Related Links below)

Priced at: 108.58 ($199.00)

Option 1 is very user friendly and fast to use, however Option 2 does a slightly better job of the conversion, (but is a little more to purchase).


If you have any queries regarding conversion software or uploading your story to the My Yorkshire website, please contact Alison Glew at or Tel: 0773 258 5959.

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