Digital Storytelling - Combining Images/Audio in PhotoStory3

Save your story

Once you have previewed your story and are happy with the images and sound transitions, duration, titles etc, you should save your story as a Photo Story 3 file ('save project') so you can always return to it at a later stage if you need to make any changes.

Finally, to create your story, you must save your project as a video file:

  1. In the 'Save your story' window, select the option to ‘playback on your computer’.  This will save the story as a Windows Media Video file (.wmv)
  2. Click ‘browse’ to specify the filename and location
  3. Check the Quality Settings - the default should be 'Computer Profile 2 – 640 x 480' but change it to this if not, by clicking 'Settings' and selecting it from the drop-down menu
  4. Click 'next' and wait while your story is building
  5. Click 'View your story' (now saved as a .wmv file) and it will open in your PC's media player

Congratulations - you have created your first Digi Story!


To share your story with everyone else, you can upload it to a website such as (My Learning's sister site).  To do this you will first have to convert your video (.wmv) into an appropriate format for web viewing - see next page.

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