Digital Storytelling - Combining Images/Audio in PhotoStory3

Synchronise images with your story

Now you should synchronise the timing of your images to fit your story recording using the ‘Customise motion’ feature.   This is where you can set the duration for which each image appears, using your notes of the entry point times.

You can also set the motion of the image, i.e. to pan in or out, or across from one side to the other, and also add transition effects.  However, if using transition effects, try to keep them simple - it’s easy to overdo it and this might detract from the impact of your story. Also, your video will have to be compressed before uploading to the web, and this could result in any moving effects losing quality and appearing pixellated.

  1. Select individual images and click 'customise motion'
  2. Work your way through each image, using the next and previous buttons, adjusting the motion, start and end position and duration where required
  3. Click the 'transition' tab and select transition effects for individual images if appropriate
  4. Click 'preview' to see how it will look
  5. Click 'save' after changing each image
  6. Click 'close', then 'save project'
  7. Preview your story again and make any further changes necessary to picture motion/transition/duration, then click 'save project' and 'next'

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