Digital Storytelling - Combining Images/Audio in PhotoStory3


Now that you have scripted, recorded and edited your story, it's time to create your Digi Story, which entails combining your audio with images and making them into a video.   There are several software packages you can use to create your Story, including IMovie, Windows Moviemaker or Photo Story 3.  

We will be using Photo Story 3 for this exercise (which is available as a free download from Windows - see website link below) but they all do
similar things.  

You will need:

  • Your completed audio file (.wav) with any background music or sound effects already added
    Remember to add a couple of seconds silence at the end of your clip, to allow for the automatic fade-out that Photo Story adds at the end of the story

  • All the images (.jpg) you need to illustrate your story

  • A note outlining in which order and at what point in your story recording you would like your images to appear
    To do this, play your audio clip (in Audacity or Windows Media Player) and make a note of the timings for each image’s entry point

Now carry out the steps on the following pages.

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