Designing in China today; from primary school to professional

Moving to Shanghai & sandpainting

After graduation I moved to Shanghai (上海) for a job. I first worked in a traditional Chinese fashion firm and then a home textile company. Most recently I have a new hobby, sand painting, and I have explored new opportunities in Shanghai. Cloisonné spun gold sand painting uses techniques similar to traditional cloisonné but it is simpler and does not require baking or grinding of sand materials. The materials include the pattern, carbon paper, white and glossy sideboard, sand, oxidative aluminium wires, glue, polyvinyl acetate and tools such as scissors, nippers, scrappers and a plate for sand. The procedure is as follows; First copy the pattern to the board with carbon paper. Second stick oxidative aluminium wires according to the pattern on the board with glue. Third mix sand with the prepared polyvinyl acetate then fill into the wire shapes. The last step is to glaze with resin on the prepared painting. The completed painting resembles glass; very colourful and shiny.
This is where my first job as a textile designer was»

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