Designing in China today; from primary school to professional

Post-graduate studies

Before graduating I worked as an intern in a textile company for two months. In September of the same year I went on to postgraduate studies under the tutelage of Professor Li Jia Lin (李加林), a world expert in silk, in the newly created Art and Design Department in my university. During the course I studied advanced techniques building on those learned as an undergraduate and I also undertook research.

I developed a deep interest in Thangka (唐卡) during this period and was attracted by the bright colours and traditional symbolism of Thangka designs. I decided to take it as my Masterís thesis to learn and understand more about it. I went to Xining (西宁) in Qinghai (青海) province, which is in northwest China and famous for Thangka. While there, I visited some famous temples, such as Ta Er Si (塔尔寺),Long Wu Si (隆务寺) where I could see many ancient and beautiful Thangka designs. My thesis was on Thangka combined with my undergraduate major, dyeing and weaving design. 
This is where I did my postgraduate studies under the tutelage of Professor Li Jia Lin»

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