Designing in China today; from primary school to professional

University in Hangzhou

After I graduated from high school I went to Hangzhou to study fine art at university. This was when I really started to learn about fine art and noticed there were many things that I had to learn. Sketching, colour theory, design all seemed brand new to me at that time. I studied hard every day in the studio and sometimes I went to the train station to sketch. I regard this time as being on the way to studying art.

Hangzhou is a beautiful city, it is famous for silk production and a very nice place to live; I chose it as my first option to go to university, Zhejiang Science & Technical University (浙江理工大学). The undergraduate course lasted four years. The first year was studying basic art techniques, including sketching, colouring, graphic design, colour composition, 3D design and computer aided design. The second year I chose dyeing and weaving design as my major for the next three years. I like flowers, patterns, traditional patterns and silk art. That was a traditional course and it was a speciality of the Fashion, Art & Design Department of my university. These were very informative studies that taught me much about traditional Chinese art and design. That was why I selected dyeing and weaving as my major at that time. The courses included floral sketching, pattern design, tie dyeing and wax printing, Chinese ink painting, hand painting silk, dyeing design, weaving design and so on. During these studies I also designed patterns for a Home Textile company.

This is where Hangzhou University is located»

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