Designing in China today; from primary school to professional

Primary School

After I started primary school I had a small notebook for painting. The school offered art classes, which I enjoyed. We had one teacher for all students from first grade to fourth grade. In art class, the teacher (Mr Fang) painted different pictures on the blackboard in front of each grade. Actually, he copied the pictures from a book. When he finished drawing we started to copy.

Once after school I drew pictures of flowers and birds on the reverse side of our home mirror together with my mother. She told me her father liked to paint and once painted the village before when she was a child. And I also learned to draw flowers from my paternal grandmother. She often drew flower patterns and used them for embroidery on shoes.

Later, when I went to another primary school we had an art teacher (Mr Hu) but mostly we still copied from books. Once the teacher asked us to go outside to sketch. That was the first time for me to sketch from nature at school.  Every classmate was excited and took a chair, notebook and pencil outside and looked for something to draw. I chose one corner of the landscape and drew houses, trees, grass, fences and so on. I was given a very good grade (5) and Mr Hu showed my picture in another classroom. This was great encouragement for me to pursue art. When I was in grade six, in art classes we mostly practiced artistic calligraphy.

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