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My little village, Kang Yuan

In 1977 I was born in my little village, Kang Yuan (康源) in Zhejiang (浙江) province, China. Only 60 families live there in the mountains around Qian Dao Hu (千岛湖), Thousand Island Lake.

I enjoyed looking at pictures when I was as a child. My parents have a beautiful painted bed and wardrobe, which are covered in paintings of flowers, grasses, trees, fishes and so on (see pic). I liked those pretty pictures and often asked my mother many questions, such as who painted them, what the pictures were etc. Maybe in my subconscious I was very interested in pictures even though I was very young and I didnít realise my passion.

When I was aged six or seven, I liked to visit my granduncleís house during the hot Summer months. He lived in a traditional Chinese house in Kang Yuan. There was a large patio in the centre, and it rained inside on rainy days. Many villagers liked chatting, and enjoyed the cool air there on hot summer days. Sometimes people drew pictures on the wooden wall with chalk, such as magpies and sparrows. Those pictures were vivid and I always watched them drawing and imitated them. Sometimes I drew pictures on the ground with charcoal because I didnít have paper to draw on at that time.

This is where my village Kang Yuan (康源) in Zhejiang (浙江) province is located»

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