Customer Service

Customer Service Situations

What is a customer service situation?

Any situation that requires staff to have contact with customers.

Customers at Armley Mills are supported by staff in a variety of ways. For example, they:

  • Provide information
  • Provide advice on health and safety
  • Provide assistance for people with access needs
  • Deal with customers who are not members of the public
  • Offer extra services
  • Deal with problems and handling complaints
  • Keep records

Take a look at some examples of Customer Service Situations at Armley Mills Industrial Museum.

Keeping customer service records:

Accurate records are an important part of good customer service. All organisations will keep records of dealings with their customers.

Customer records can provide information about how best to market services and also help to ensure that businesses runs smoothly. Most records will be stored electronically on a database. 


Take a closer look at the Customer Service Records used by staff at Armley Mills Industrial Museum.

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