Customer Service

What is Customer Service?

Customer service includes ALL contact an organisation or business makes with a customer, before, during and after a visit. For example, this might involve:

  • Providing accurate information about opening times
  • Face-to-face greetings on arrival 
  • Management dealing with formal complaints 
Good customer service means putting the customer first. If the needs of the customer are met, businesses will keep their existing customers and hopefully attract new ones.

Case Study: Customer Service at Armley Mills

Armley Mills was once the largest woollen mill in the world, and one of the largest employers in the Britain. Armley Mills became a museum in the 1980s and now aims to tell its customers the story of industry in Leeds throughout history. 

Customer service will vary depending on the type of business or organisation. For example, unlike privately run businesses like Vue Cinemas, Pizza Hut and Virgin Active in the retail park next door, Armley Mills Museum aims to do more than make a profit, as it is part of Leeds City Council. Being part of the Council means that the museum exists to provide a service to the public and making a profit comes second.

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