Customer Service Records

Accident and Incident Forms

Accident forms:

When is this record used?

This form is used to record any accident, involving any person, which occurs on museum grounds.

How is this record used?
This would be completed at the museum by the person/persons involved or injured. The form would be passed onto the Front of House Manager, who will then deal with the situation or file the form as is appropriate.

All details surrounding the accident are recorded and the form can be used to support a case if the matter goes any further.

By documenting these events common problems can be identified, for instance a cracked flag stone on the pathway, low beams and wet floors.  The forms can be used to support the case for improvement.

Incident record forms:

When is this record used?

An incident could take place between staff or between staff and customers. Examples of an incident could be either:

  • A member of staff physically assaults another member of staff.
  • A customer verbally abuses a member of staff.

Whenever an incident of this type takes place the form must be completed.

How is this record used?

When an incident has taken place, the person involved must complete the form and pass it on to their line manager and they will then take the necessary steps to deal with the issue.

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