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Curriculum links:

Leisure & Tourism GCSE - Customer Service

Business Studies BTECH First Award - Customer Service

Aims of resource:

To provide students with an understanding of the importance of good customer service, as well as customer types and customer needs.

Learning objectives:

Knowledge of potential customer service situations, potential customer needs and the documentation involved

Understanding of methods of communication used in customer service and means of resolving complaints

Skills to evaluate whether the chosen organisation meets the needs of its customers

Discussion ideas:

  • What does customer service mean to you?
  • Why is it important for a business or organisation?
  • What qualities do you think a business needs for good customer service?
  • Think of an example of recent good or bad customer service you have encountered?
  • How could this example be improved/what made it good?
  • How effective are the Leeds City Council standards for customer service?
  • What can organisations learn from customer complaints?

Activity ideas:

  • Carry out a research trip to your own local museum to investigate their customer service provision.

  • Respond to a complaint: Students could work in pairs, one writing a made-up complaint and the other responding to it, using the Leeds City Council customer service standards as a guide.

  • Create your own sample survey using the examples of the visitor feedback form and results of this survey from Armley Mills.

  • Interpret customer feedback:
    Evaluate the data from the Armley Mills visitor survey
    - What areas is the museum doing well in? 
    - What do you think the museum might need to improve? 
    - Which types of customer could the museum attract more of?
    - What customer concerns or negative feedback could be addressed?

  • Write a customer service policy: Use the Leeds City Council Customer Service Standards to write your own set of standards for customer feedback for a real organisation or business.

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