Culture Quake: Interpreting a gallery creatively

Art and Design - set design

For Culture Quake, it was decided that the students would produce a theatre scene or set without writing a performance as the basis for its design. Although this sounds difficult, after exploring the Ruskin gallery, the students were sure of the direction in which they wanted to go.


Students began by exploring and expanding their thoughts with sketches and collages, before making a ‘set in a box’. One of the ideas was taken from a Saint George and the Dragon sketch in the gallery, which resulted in a fantastic dragon’s lair. Other ideas explored were inspired by Ruskin’s collections of books, rocks, minerals, and water.


These ‘set in a box’ ideas were then produced on a large scale using interestingly shaped cardboard pods. Both the inside and outside were decorated using a variety of materials, and holes in the pods allowed the audience to peer in and marvel at the wonderful use of colour, shapes and materials. They also allowed students to dress up and pop their heads through the hole!

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