Culture Quake: Interpreting a gallery creatively

Writing - drama

A museum or gallery visit can result in a wealth of ideas for any kind of writing project. John Ruskin was a man very much interested in literature. He wrote and collected many books, some of which are displayed in the Ruskin gallery.


In Culture Quake, the students wrote biographies, poetry, text labels and play scripts, but rather than focussing on the end result, they concentrated on the actual process of writing, the source of inspiration and the collecting of ideas.


All of the students kept a diary in which they noted any thoughts and ideas that came to them. They particularly enjoyed the drama aspect where they brought paintings and objects to life. ‘Hero or monster?’ came from students looking at the Staint George and the Dragon sketch in the gallery, as they began to question whether or not Saint George was a hero.


The ‘Quaking Duck’ play idea came from a painting of a duck! The students brought the duck to life, but kept it in a gallery setting.


The students' confidence soared as they developed their writing and drama skills, while keeping total ownership of their work.

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