Culture Quake: Interpreting a gallery creatively


This learning journey demonstrates a variety of ways that a gallery can be used in a creative and cross curricular way with your class.

In a project called 'Culture Quake', young people’s responses to the Ruskin gallery at Museums Sheffield: Millennium Gallery were exhibited in an interactive gallery installation. The students particularly worked on developing skills for playwriting, music and video, and theatre set design.

This learning journey has three downloadable lesson plans which provide inspirational ideas for using a gallery or museum in these three areas (Music, Writing and Art & Design). The worksheets can be used with any gallery collection.

This learning journey also has video films and audio files from the Culture Quake project, which can be used for inspiration when working with your own class.

Curriculum Links:

Art and Design
QCA Units 9/10
- visiting a museum, gallery or site

Unit 7C - recreating landscapes

Framework for Secondary English


QCA Unit 1 - Bridging unit - (exploring musical processes)

Unit 15 - Song (exploring songs and the use of music technology)

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