Crime and Punishment - Sophia Constable

The Evidence

These documents are from the Quarter Session Bundles for Epiphany 1873, which included the case of Sophia Constable and Fanny Goodchild.


The witnesses in this case are Frances and Thomas Mackintosh, Anne Gallilee and John Ryder.


Frances and Thomas Mackintosh (Carpenter) own and run a provisions shop in Whitby.


Anne Gallilee is a customer of the Mackintoshes.


John Ryder is the Superintendent of Police at Whitby.


Read through the evidence of these four witnesses (you can download a transcription of the four pages reproduced here in the Worksheets section). 

  • How convincing is the evidence?
  • If you were on the jury for this case how would you have dealt with the case of Sophia Constable?

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