Creative Writing at Sandal Castle

Poems from the Castle

The following are poems created by two schools working with the creative writing pack.


The poems are split into three verses: the castle in the living or medieval period; the castle during the Civil War or dying period, and the present. Each school has used the worksheets, the site, and the evidence on display in the Visitor Centre.


The Mount School, Year 4


Once there were

people cooking wonderful food

freshly-baked bread

venison and parsnip

roasting over a spitting fire

pig turning on a spit

masons’ chisels chipping away

grooms feeding horses, making their beds

music playing softly, loud trumpet

frothing beer on my tongue

men relaxing, carved gaming pieces

horses’ hooves clattering through the gates


Then there were

people falling, guns shooting

dead body in a deep hole

blood of dead soldiers

screaming women, arrows twanging

cannon balls catapulting into the castle

smoke, bitter like rockets on bonfire night

dead bodies smelling like vinegar

children whimpering as their mother dies

their dad fights


Now there is

deep grassy moat, stones lying in it

blocks of yellow and white flats

gleaming in the sun

trees behind the ruined castle

blowing in the breeze

wind rustling the trees, howling

trees waving

wind blowing against my face like an elephant

footsteps stomping on wood

strong wailing wind, cold breezy wind

tornado blowing me over

children chattering

just the wind blowing softly



Walton Junior School, Year 6


Once there was

blood, juice, oozing from succulent meat

cold feel of the stone toilet seat on my bottom

vegetables cooking in hot creamy stew

loud blare of trumpet

candle flame flickering, crackling, popping

scratching of spoons on bowls

sound of bellows pumped aggressively again and again

bustling people pushing through crowds

weight of chain mail

distant sheep bleating

stable boy grooming shining stallion


Then there was

smell of fresh blood on stones

dear friends blown to pieces, screaming final words

yell of a man, sharp blade in his chest

arrows flying over the castle wall

cries of a woman

cannon letting rip

crashing into the castle walls

crashing the castle walls to smithereens

smell of dried blood

gunpowder like fireworks


Now there are

trees huddled together

yellows, greens, browns, emeralds

air wrapping round my hand

warm sun tanning my skin

cold wind roaring over grass hills

cars like distant thunder

stony path rubbing against my shoes

distant spire of old brown cathedral

ancient stone of castle ruins

smart and straight at the front, rubble inside

smell of wet muddy dog fur




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