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Civil War Evidence

During the English Civil War the Castle was used by the Royalists as a stronghold against the Parliamentarians.


Newspapers at the time of the Civil War documented the battles and activities of the forces.


This documentary evidence, an excerpt from which is reproduced below, clearly illustrates the people involved, the number of soldiers, guns and supplies.


Tuesday 30 September to Tuesday 7 October 1645


Sandall Castle in Yorkshire is at last subdued to the obedience of the Parliament with all the Armes, the Ordinance and Ammunition. The souldiers in it were not (as I remember) above fourscore in number but a pack of as bold and desperate fellows as any were in all that Country, or peradventure in the Kingdome. Upon the articles of surrender they were to have a safe convoy to Welbecke. The Governor and officers were to march away with their horses and swords, the common souldiers with staves only in their hands.


From The Parliaments Post communicating the proceedings of the armies on both sides from Tuesday 30 September to Tuesday 7 October 1645.


More information can be found in the downloadable file 'Civil War Extracts' (see link below).

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