Crazy Catapults inspired by the Romans in Yorkshire

Running a Challenge Event

  • Appoint Roman Generals to over see the proceedings to ensure safety, measure times and accuracy of catapults and a Caesar who has the final say!
  • Decide how pupils are going to vote on the craziest/most creative catapult and the best marketing poster (it could be a show of hands or a secreat ballot).
  • Set up a missile firing area, which is cordoned off to prevent accidents from flying marshmallows. You will need to create a target which the missiles have to hit and a wall which has to be knocked down (use empty drinks cans or small boxes)
  • Make sure each team has a name
  • Make medals or rosettes for the winners and runners up.

Creative Activities

Activity 1

Ask a group of children to make medals for the winners using air-drying clay, metallic paint or foil and ribbons.

Activity 2

Ask a group of children to design certificates for participants using a design package on a computer

Activity 3

Ask a group of children to report of the challenge as if they were a journalist for a local newspaper, television or radio station.

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