Crafting for Victory

Home-made comforts by school children

Children contributed to the war effort in a number of ways, including sending letters and collecting eggs for wounded soldiers, or raising money to send small parcels to the Western Front (see our other related resources for more examples).

The photograph opposite shows an extract from the  school log book at Normanton Common Provided School (Boys Department) during the First World War, describing what pupils there did to help the war effort. It reads: 

'The boys in Yr I & II have been cutting up waste material to stuff cushions for the soldiers in hospital. When their hands blistered they would not give up saying that the men at the front kept on fighting and they would do their share. The little girls have been knitting body belts, Tam o' Shanters and scarves. The material for both boys and girls was supplied by the NWAA'.

Body belts - 'tube' like garments worn by servicemen around their tummy to keep them warm
Tam o' Shanter - a type of knitted bonnet worn by soldiers during WW1
Western Front - the main area of fighting during WW1, where all the battlefields were

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