Craft Made From Graft

Industrial Revolution resources

The following linked resources cover various aspects of Industrial Revolution history, using original source:


Download images and transcriptions of indentures belonging to two orphaned children who were apprenticed in 1811.


Children at Work
Learn about working conditions in the textile mills, coal mines and factories, and download an activity sheet comparing historic and contemporary material about child labour.


From Wool to Cloth

This resource explains the process of turning raw wool into finished fabric, including how cloth is dyed. Download worksheets showing how to make felt and how to make a cardboard loom.

Everyday Life During the Industrial Revolution

Was life better for people in the town or country? Were they richer or poorer? How did they budget? What did they eat and how did they manage to keep clean?  Download four activity sheets.


Richard Oastler
Learn about Oastler and his campaign against child labour in the 19th Century; get some ideas for running your own campaigns; download a stained glass window activity sheet.


Factory Reform
Learn more about the main Acts of Parliament covering 19th Century child labour. Read first-hand accounts of working conditions in the mills and factories.

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