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Online resources offer insights into how schools engage with your collections. If you are interested in contributing to My Learning, read the information below, then email

Please bear in mind that, while we charge for our services, if your organisation is very small or wholly volunteer-run, it may be possible to work with us for free. We maintain a range of free offers for all contributors, for example we welcome new contributions to our WW1 bitesize resources.

How do I contribute?

Your contribution may be as simple as adding content to an existing resource, or extend to creating new material to complement our extensive range of topics and themes.

First we agree the scope and nature of your contribution. Then you will be given a user log-in to our online Content Submission Portal, where you can submit relevant files and information.

We create and upload the resource, which will be submitted to our Teachers Review Panel after publication, to ensure it meets the needs of teachers and learners.

Who is eligible?

In order to contribute, your organisation (or partnership) must meet the following criteria:

  • Owns (or has responsibility for) unique assets, i.e. objects, collections and/or buildings that exist in perpetuity
  • Assets are in the public domain and accessible to the public
  • Content is focused on real sources and/or objects and buildings
  • Any information provided is factual and unbiased, with clear educational value

We give priority to not-for-profit organisations and partnerships. If commercial organisations are involved, the public educational benefit must outweigh any private gain.

How much does it cost?

We have a range of options, which we can tailor to suit limited budgets. If your organisation is very small or wholly volunteer-run we may be able to offer a free opportunity to work with us. Get in touch to discuss your proposed content. 

  • Resources of up to 5 pages, in which content is authored by the contributor - £150
  • Resources of between 5 and 15 pages written by the MyL team from content provided by contributor will range from £300 to £1,000. You can add a bespoke designed homepage to your resource for an additional £1,000
  • To create a dedicated suite of resources including bespoke designed landing pages, we offer tailor-made packages from £5,000

Make the most of your resources

We will publicise your resource in our Teachers’ E-bulletin and on Twitter @Mylearning_org. There are also a number of things you can do to maximise your resources:

  • Use our logos or graphics on your publicity material to make people aware of your content. 
  • Place a My Learning web badge and/or a hyperlink on your website directing visitors to your resources. 
  • Monitor visitors to your resource and gather statistics using Google Analytics. Our guide to Google Analytics for My Learning shows you how to set up your own reports.
  • Sign up to our contributors' e-bulletin for details of forthcoming events, training sessions and offers.
  • Many of our contributors include their My Learning resources in their evaluation process.

Contact us

If you have a specific question about contributing to My Learning, please email

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