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Living Metal - past, present and future

The metalwork Industry in Sheffield is alive and brimming with new ideas and enthusiasm. To work in the industry is to be part of a long standing heritage but also to belong to a community celebrating today’s achievements and looking to the future.

Living Metal has given the Designated Metalwork Collection a new voice. We have engaged with craftspeople to unlock hidden histories and create vibrant films for the gallery.

The project created new opportunities to engage with young people. The collection was used to inform understanding of Sheffield as a manufacturing city and inspire them to create works of their own.

Passing down skills

Today’s industry benefits from a long standing tradition of passing down skills. This continuation ensures that Sheffield remains a centre for excellence in metalworking. Although the opportunity for traditional apprenticeships has reduced, young people are still entering the trade. New generations of designer and makers are coming through Persistence Works and the Universities.

"I really enjoy the fact that hopefully we can keep a part of the industry alive, becoming the new age Little Mesters", Victoria Kershaw, Silversmith.

Sheffield Today

A vast range of objects for use in the home continue to be made in the City. These range from quality, mass produced items unique commissions. Objects are both traditional and cutting edge in design. Today 'Made in Sheffield' endures as a mark of excellence and guarantee of quality.

Niche products for trades and occupations have been made in Sheffield for centuries. Innovations in materials and manufacturing techniques continue to affirm Sheffield’s position as an international leader.

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