Contemporary Metalwork in Sheffield - Living Metal

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Discover the products made in Sheffield today and find out more about the people who make them. Explore the skills and knowledge used in the production process.

The resource provides teachers and group leaders with information for the new display 'Living Metal' and is designed to be used in conjunction with visit to the Metalwork Gallery.

Curriculum links:

K S5 Art and Design

NVQ / Open College Network, Design and Technology

Learning objectives:

Knowledge of a range of materials and their different properties

Understanding of the industrial history of the city and traditional skills still being utilised in the industry today

Skills to interpret design processes, both small and large scale 


  • This worksheet can be used by students or teachers to ask questions or prompt discussion before, during or following the visit.

  • Fact sheet about the Living Metal project and Designated Metalwork Collection at the Millennium Gallery.

The Living Metal project:

The Living Metal displays introduce the products made in Sheffield today and outline the traditions upon which much of that work is built.Young people can explore, discover and engage with a range of objects and materials, and also develop skills to compare and contrast new and old products and identify a range of material types used in the industry.

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