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Inspirational new work

“I have changed my method of working – I now analyse the research before applying this to my ideas and thinking of the final artwork piece.”

Hannah Rogerson, Student, BA (Hons) Lens Based Media.


"The collaboration with Hull Museums has provided yet another high spot in the academic year for the School of Art and Design. This partnership works on so very many levels, giving access to collections, first hand information from experts, providing inspirational source material and also a flavour of real working practices and deadlines! Having the chance to exhibit in a public space and recognition for the very real talent in the School is the cherry on the cake. I personally really appreciate the opportunity and look forward to a continuing programme. May I also express my thanks to the Museum staff for their foresight in instigating this programme and their valuable support and professionalism."

Isabel Willock, Head of School, Art & Design, Hull College.


"Equality and diversity is delivered through inductions and tutorials and fully embedded within the curriculum. An example is the recent Ferens Art Gallery Exhibition ‘Re:Fresh’, which showed students work on issues such as Feminism, Cultures, Religions and Faith, and Refugee and Asylum Seekers. A key piece is ‘Being Human’ – a work encapsulating quality and diversity. There are plans to utilise the 32 cards piece, produced by first-year students for Re:Fresh Exhibition, for counselling sessions at Rape Crisis. Each card has a differing image/artwork on displaying various emotions in artistic forms. In the counselling the cards will be used as a focus to assist in the release of feelings."

Kerry Lynn, Equality and Diversity Officer, Hull College.


"As site to instruct students upon methods of sourcing information, the concept of a collection, ways of reading around a primarily visual subject and expanding their thought processes. The learning journeys can be easily utilised at any point of any module to highlight learning methodology. I am a great believer in using local resources, getting the students out there, involved and as a result they develop a sense of awareness, community pride and ownership."

Anna Kirk-Smith, Tutor, Hull School of Art and Design.

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