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Prizes for highly commended artworks.

Sidem Demirkan studying BA (hons) Contemporary Fine Art won a prize for the triptych entitled 'The Three Witnesses'.  Influenced by the artworks of Jane Bustin who paints portraits of well-known people, Sidem decided to do portraits of people you wouldn’t really come across, people who are forgotten. 

Says Sidem, "In 2001, three girls (aged 9, 12, and 15) were raped and witnessed their mother being shot in Afghanistan. Each was wearing a scarf: the 9 year old wore pink, the 12 year old wore blue, and the 15 year old wore orange. As a Muslim myself we believe in an afterlife, everything will be judged and in Islam it is forbidden to kill any human being."


Angelo Meniconi studying National Diploma Art and Design (Photography) produced a large photographic wall hanging and a digital stop-frame film, entitled 'Being Human', in response to Thomas Ruff's 'Portrait (V.Levchenya)' 2000.  Angelo says,  "I was attempting to represent my experience of being from another culture and living in this country. I photograph my subjects within the studio, stripped of some of their own cultural identities for example their clothes. In this situation, we become the same…human.... This work is a representation of different cultures - viewing everyone as being the same; doesn’t matter what colour your skin is, religion or where you are from. For some people, it may be really difficult to realise, but we are all Human."


Michael Hirst studying BA (Hons) Film & Television developed a sound piece in response to 'Hull Underwater' by Colin Gray.  Says Michael, "This image is a positive one and not meant to represent flooding but having the beach and seaside at home. I have opted to make my sound piece sound like the seaside and the domestic household in one place. I don’t want the overall piece to seem too serious. I aim to create a sound piece that matches the child like naiveté of Colin Gray’s dream."

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