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Art has the ability to engage or repel us, entertain or enlighten shock or amuse. It may help us to escape or land us right in the midst of it. Our very personal reactions identify us in relation to the works – do we agree or take the opposite point of view? Do we recognise ourselves in the works, or not identify with them at all?


As viewers we too have an identity - as art lover, or hater, as consumer or maker of meaning. Do we accept what’s being said, or question and negotiate the meaning? Do we see through the artists eyes, or see what we want to see? Do the works speak directly to us or is it just that we are familiar with what’s being said? Are we seeing other people’s identities, or just our own reflected back to us?


Thank you to:

Jill Howitt, Theoretical Studies Lecturer, Hull School of Art and Design.

Students from the BA (hons) Contemporary Fine Art Course:

Sharon Baker

Sharon Coals

Jown Heron

Debbie Keable

Dawn Lord


Breda Wright, studying the BA (hons) Lens Based Media for documenting the course work.


Students and members of the OWEN Group (ages 45+) created spoken responses to selected artworks, produced by Quentin Budworth (see 'audio' links below).

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