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This resource is a series of essays written by students studying the BA (hons) Contemporary Fine Art course at Hull School of Art and Design. They have researched chosen artists from the Ferens contemporary art collection as part of their professional development module, and composed the following responses.  

It can be used in a range of Art & Design activities or within Arts Award Discover & Explore, as it allows young people to explore a range of art work.

Connect Create Project:

In 2007, Hull Museum Education developed a unique partnership with Hull School of Art and Design and the Ferens Art Gallery. Our intention is to take advantage of the excellent collections and develop quality learning experiences which can demonstrate the value of local historical sites and collections, and, outreach learning opportunities.


The Ferens Art Gallery contains one of the richest and most important regional art collections in the country. This year the students have focussed on the collection of contemporary fine art. Although it is perhaps more renown for its strong collection of historical maritime works and of 17th century portraiture paintings, the Ferens has an increasing collection of contemporary art within its permanent collection.


Hull Museum Education became the client through commissioning real projects and research opportunities to inspire new course-integrated artwork for students. 


Introduction by Hull School of Art and Design:

From the 50s to now, faces looking at me, faces turned away, post war uncertainty, a bright future ahead, who are we? Night time, day time, old values, new culture, upside down, the right way up, as an individual, as part of a group, who are you? Inside looking out, outside looking in, underwater, above ground, where are we? On the surface, buried beneath, appearance and disappearance, here and now, not yet born, personal identification, identity crisis, identity theft, who am I?


Us and them, included, excluded, sub culture, multi cultural, from here, from there, in spite of, because of, from where are we?


Old and young, sick and healthy, mums and dads, unknown faces, aspirations to be – seen on TV.


Glossy mags, consumer goods, cash to splash, credit crunch, who are we meant to be?


Close up, from a distance, privacy, freedom to express, celebrity, lifestyle choices, who do you want to be?


Abstract, figurative, conscious, subconscious, serious, humorous, photo, paint, 2D, 3D, video.

How do I see you, how do you see me? 

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