Commissioning a Public Sculpture for Hull

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Curriculum links:

KS3/4 Art and Design - Applied Art - Design Briefs; Public Art

KS3/4 Design and Technology - Design Cycle; Product Design; Project Briefs;


Aim of resource:

To give students a professional example of the design and commissioning process. 


Learning objectives:
Knowledge of what craftspeople do and how they make a living 

Understanding of what is involved in the commissioning and design process in art and design projects

Skills to interpret the different meanings designs can have and to produce a design according to a brief 

Discussion ideas:

  • What do you think about commissioning artists to make commemorative designs?
  • If you were on the panel which design out of the three would you have selected and why?
  • What has happened in your local area that you think is worth commemorating?

Activity ideas:

  • Write a brief to send to selected artists to make a commemorative public art work for your town. Factor into the brief the location, the prize, the timeline.
    - Research 3 sculptors who you would like to send the proposal to.

  • Research an important historical event in your local town. Design a public sculpture to commemorate this event.
    - Write an outline of your proposal and show visual sketches of your overall concept.
    - Annotate your sketches with notes about the materials you would expect to use.

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